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Spice Sanctuary product index helps customers identify specific products or gifts available online which may be of interest whether they are spices, gifts or accessories.

Our organic spice products are available in whole, ground, powder, seeds, blends/rubs and we also offer a range of spice related gifts and accessories for you to enjoy.

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SB11   Chai Anytime Spice Blend - Great Taste Award winner 2017
S31   Organic Asafoetida - Great Taste Award Winner 2015 2 stars
SB7   Organic Butter Chicken Global Gourmet Spice Blend
S20   Organic Cardamom, Green - Ground
S21   Organic Cardamom, Green - Pods
S22   Organic Cayenne/Red Chili, Ground
S2   Organic Cloves
S23   Organic Coriander Ground
S25   Organic Cumin Ground
S26   Organic Cumin Seeds
S6   Organic Curry Powder
S7   Organic Fennel Seeds
S11   Organic Garam Masala
S12   Organic Ginger Powder
SB5   Organic Hola! Mexicana Global Gourmet Spice Blend
SB1   Organic Indian Super Spice Blend - Great Taste Winner 2015
SB4   Organic Jamaican Me Tasty Global Gourmet Spice Blend
S44   Organic Kaffir Lime Leaves Crushed - Great Taste Winner 2016
SB6   Organic Middle East Feast Global Gourmet Spice Blend
SB2   Organic Moroccan Harmony Spice Blend
S13   Organic Mustard Seeds, Brown
S27   Organic Nigella Seeds
S14   Organic Nutmeg, Ground
S15   Organic Nutmeg, Whole
S16   Organic Paprika
SB8-   Organic Peppermill Pizzazz Whole Spice Blend - Great Taste Winner 2015
S43   Organic Smoked Black Pepper - Great Taste Winner 2016
S45   Organic Smoked Cumin
S32   Organic Smoked Paprika Chili Flakes
SB10   Organic Smooth-y-Golden Milk Spice Blend - Multi-Award Winner 2017
S35   Organic Star Anise Pods
S33   Organic Sumac Ground
SB3   Organic Sweet Delight Spice Blend - Great Taste Winner 2015
SB12   Organic Thai It Right Spice Blend
S17   Organic True (Category I) Saffron
S3   Organic True Cinnamon, Ground - Great Taste Winner 2017
S18   Organic Turmeric
SB9   Organic Wholly Smokes BBQ Rub Spice Blend
SD1   Spice Deck
SSCB1   Super Easy, Super Good, Super Food
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