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We have taken our core values and key principles to create and offer the Spice Sanctuary Organic Spices and Spice Blends.

High Quality:

We are committed to sourcing and offering products that are of uncompromising quality
. To achieve this, we have undertaken extensive research to ensure we source organic and the best grade available. We do all the sourcing and importing ourselves and package our products in Canada, meaning the supply chain remains as short as possible, further ensuring good quality and freshness.
The better the quality and taste of our spice & seasoning range, the more we can empower you to Cook & Eat Well so as to Live & Be Well.

Inspiring Wellbeing:

We are passionate about contributing to a healthier world and healthier you. By choosing organic and direct sourcing, we are supporting the sustainability of small farmers and suppliers who ethically support their workers as well as Canadian businesses and rural jobs. Our desire to have as green efficient a supply chain as possible transcends into a bigger desire to reduce our own carbon footprint but also to advocate greener living to do our little bit to preserve the sanctuary of the world we live in. Inspiring a healthier you starts from offering you high quality spices as we put into our bodies influences our overall wellbeing. Spice infused food can provide energy, happiness, warmth, pain relief and so much more that allows you to enjoy other practices (like yoga, exercise, healthy eating, meditation) that are all connected together to make our health wholesome in mind in mind, body and spirit.

Premium Taste:

We are dedicated to delivering the best tasting products that we can. To achieve this, we are consciously keeping our supply chain as short as possible, packaging all of our products in Canada, building direct relationships with local whole food stores and restaurants ensure optimal freshness. If our spices taste good, this means we have done our job well because good food tastes great with Spice Sanctuary!


We are motivated to giving consumers as much information as possible about the Spice Sanctuary products they buy, use and consume. We value the people involved through every step of our business, from the small farmer to the end consumer. Knowledge is power and the more transparency and knowledge we seek and provide, the more value we can give to our customers. All of our spices and spice blends come in uniform weight and include additional information about the spice on the back of each package. We do not stop there though. Through a variety of mediums, we give you all the tools, information and tips you need to know when, why and how to use and combine spices to achieve the perfect balance of flavour in a dish or balance in our bodies.


We are perfectionists and so we are continually striving to improve and innovate our brand and products. We have created our own colour coding and categories of spices according to the strength of taste and flavour that each spice would add to a dish (Hot, Pungent, Tangy, Sweet and Mild), thereby allowing combination of spices easier to manage. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only supplier of organic Ajwain & Fenugreek powder within Canada. We are one of only two or three suppliers of organic saffron. Watch this space for more "firsts" to the Canadian market coming soon! After all, we want our spices and spice blends to be HIP!

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