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As part of our key company principles to both consciously work to reducing our carbon footprint and to support as many Canadian businesses as possible and after months of research into this important decision, we are delighted to partner with The Carbon Farmer in their afforestation project in northern Alberta.

Afforestation is the establishment of a forest on land where there was no forest. Afforestation has many benefits: it helps restore the natural habitat, improves biodiversity and as the forest matures, carbon capture in the region increases. With the Carbon Farmer, the stored carbon in those trees can then be sold as certified credits to individuals or participating companies such as ourselves to further reduce our carbon footprint.

This two part project is a long term commitment and it is, therefore, our intention to first build up our tree presence in this boreal forest in Canada and here is how you can help us do this:

1. For every $50 (excluding shipping and taxes) ordered online by you, we will purchase a tree through the Carbon Farmer in your name. The species of tree will be specifically chosen to suit the ecosystem of the forest bed and the tree planted for you will start its life in the forest as a non-genetically modified sapling.
2. At checkout, you will have the option before you press "Place your Order" to let us know if there is a particular message (for example memorials or testimonials) you would like attached to the tree that we plant in your name*;
3. We will receive a planting code which we will email to you for your records. You can use this code to find your tree on our virtual forest (http://createyourforest.ca/visit/spicesanctuary) or, in the very near future, to see how your particular tree is progressing through a pilot monitoring program which we will be participating in and which will be available to you for a small fee**.
4. If you buy our organic spices and blends from a retail store near you, you can still help us because we will be planting trees for our wholesale customers too so the more people buy, the more trees can be planted! At the end of each year, we will provide you with an overall report on how we are doing with our Plant A Tree For Me program.

*We reserve the right to moderate any message requests.
** The fee will be set by the Carbon Farmer and subject to their terms and conditions.

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