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We are very excited to be the first spice company in Canada to proudly launch our Farm to PantryTM Initiative which tells you exactly how long or (in our case) short the journey has been for the organic spices you buy and use. The promise we make to you is that we deliver our superior quality Canadian certified organic spices and blends to you from Farm to Pantry in 6 steps or less!

Furthermore, when you buy your spices online, they are delivered in 5 steps or less!

We want our consumers to know that the only part of our production that does not occur in Canada is the growing and processing of spices. With the rest of our production and operations using and supporting as many Canadian businesses and jobs as possible, it is our intention to be as "local" an organic spice company as possible which is why we are able to openly attest to having the shortest supply chain among all organic spice suppliers in Canada and one of the reasons why, for the chefs and customers who use our products, our organic spice range stands out for its quality and freshness.