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About Us

Spice Sanctuary Exists Because

~Not All Spices Are the Same~

~Organic is Not Enough~

~Transforming Raw Food into Delicious Food should be Healthy, Tasty and Easy~

Our Founding Story

My name is Trusha and I am the founder of Spice Sanctuary,a 100% Canadian owned company, born from a passion for good food and healthy cooking and eating using the finest of ingredients. The use of spices in all different types of cooking has been a constant for me, with roots from my mother's kitchen. Spices are so integral to my personal food story that I began to unleash my discerning palate for proper food seasoning to reveal just the right flavours.

Upon moving to Canada from the UK, I did find some organic spices but I found many were stale, essentially past their best before dates for flavour. I quickly realized that the purity associated with organic was not enough - the quality, freshness and potency all lacked. The key reasons to using premium, high quality spices for delicious flavour were lacking in the Canadian marketplace.

It soon became clear to me that not all organic spices live up to the quality one might expect because not all spices are the same and organic is not enough. And so the search began!

I immersed myself in gaining a much deeper understanding about the spices, their production and quality criteria and then forged direct relationships with co-ops and farmers before finally using direct sourcing as the only way to get the freshest, superior grade products.

With its unique Farm to Pantry and Best Grade Promises, Spice Sanctuary was to become a steward of sustainability, education, culinary and lifestyle inspiration and consumer transparency. It is always pushing the boundaries with its core values and is proud to be Canadian in so many ways and a company that Canadians are proud to support.

What is the Spice Sanctuary Mission?

Quality spices make a real difference in enhancing the complex taste and flavour of ingredients and so should be regarded as highly as a fine bottle of wine is to food. This is no surprise given the nature of spices and how they interact and pair with food. After all, spices were regarded and respected in ancient times as a very valuable commodity which forged exploration to new worlds and continents as well as influenced the rise and fall of many empires throughout history.

With this in mind, our purpose is to offer quality grade, full-flavour organic spices and spice blends and rubs across Canada. Delivered directly from premium growing regions around the world using the shortest possible supply chain, our recently harvested, top grade, small batch spices are packaged only the one time, in Canada.

The effortless use of a variety of spices to transform raw food into delicious results is a much needed art form in today's world where we want it all: healthy, quick, tasty and easy. That is why the Spice Sanctuary mission is to empower you to cook and eat well so as to live and be well. We can help you experience our range of fine spices everyday in ways that not only make good food taste delicious but that also serve to inspire wellbeing for you and your family.

What is the Spice Sanctuary Vision?

By promoting the importance and quality of our organic spices and moving them towards more mainstream consumption and broader everyday use, to grow our company to become the organic spice brand of choice within Canada while at all times fulfilling our core values and key principles.

Key Company Principles

To maintain as green-efficient a supply chain as possible.

To consciously work to reduce our carbon footprint.

To offer the best quality products only and always at competitive prices.

To pioneer the introduction of organic spices that are not readily available in Canada.

To communicate with each and every one of our consumers in ways that matter.

We will always be professional, respectful and personable.

We will give back by supporting charitable organisations.

We will use Canadian businesses and promote Canadian jobs wherever and as much as possible.

Our Core Values

In offering organic spices, spice blends or other branded teas and products, we will follow our five key core values so that we can realize our mission and vision:


We are committed to sourcing and offering products that are of uncompromising quality


We are dedicated to delivering the best tasting products that we can.


We are passionate about contributing to a healthier world and healthier you.


We are motivated to giving consumers as much information as possible about the Spice Sanctuary products they buy, use and consume.


We are perfectionists and so we are continually striving to improve and innovate our brand and products.