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Here are our 5 reasons why buying organic spices & herbs is the better choice.


Irradiation is the process of exposing spices to ionizing radiation to destroy bacteria, microorganisms etc. One dose (or gray) of radiation is said to be equal to 1 joule of energy absorbed per kilogram of food. Up to 10,000 grays of radiation are recommended for spices (that is half of that used for potatoes, fruit or fresh meat). In the US, approximately 170 million pounds of  non-organic spices are irradiated annually. There is also ambiguity over labelling requirements for irradiated spices since it may be that they are labelled as such only to the first purchaser and not to the end consumer.


Fumigation is the process of using Ethylene Oxide gas to sterilize non-organic spices and dried herbs. The by-product of fumigation is the formation of ethyl chlorohydrin, a carcinogen, which is formed in high levels in some spices as they are treated. The EO gas must diffuse freely throughout the product and because a non-volatile residue remains after processing, an aeration period is required for about 24 hours. Labelling requirements vary from country to country but there seems to be even less of a requirement for fumigation than irradiation.

Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization reduces pathogen risks in spices without adversely affecting taste, volatile oil or nutrient content of the spices or herbs. It is the safest way of sanitizing spices and the most effective and only method used for treating organic spices if desired.


Organic spices and herbs are subject to stringent regulations which means they are GMO free, free of fillers and additives.

Taste Preservation

There are differing bodies of thought on whether the taste of spices and dried herbs is compromised if they are not treated at all. However, what is certain is that, with organic spices and herbs, you really can taste the difference. Just a smell of our spices will tell you that!

In addition to meeting the specifications above, we go even further in order to  focus on quality, grades, harvesting, processing and transparency.